Comprehensive Policies for Your Dealership

Dealerships are often vulnerable to a plethora of diverse challenges when it comes to your business. The value of your business sits on display 24/7 whilst being visited by hundreds of customers on a daily basis. We want to provide a customized plan for your unique dealership needs, while ensuring that you feel fully protected at all times.

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What Does a Dealership Policy Cover?

A typical dealership plan will cover the following:

  • Garage keepers: covers any damage to garage-owned or customer-owned autos at the dealership 
  • Garage-owned autos: covers any damage to dealership owned vehicles either on the lot or stored
  • Hired autos: protects any vehicles that you or your employees rent for business purposes
  • Owned autos: protection against claims involving ownership and/or disagreements
  • Newly acquired autos: protection for your new or additional vehicles acquired during the policy period
  • Property damage and bodily injury: coverage for possible damage from lot or dealership-related operations

An Individualized Plan for Your Dealership

Whether you have an open lot, garage, or both, Power3 will work with you to provide a plan that fits both your budget while taking the time to evaluate your potential risks and how to protect your correctly. Our experiences professionals will help to improve the overall safety at your dealership by identifying potential risks before they happen. Let us help you create an insurance plan that makes sense for you business.


We are committed to providing a personal, high-quality service

At Power3, we understand that most insurance products are generally similar in price and function. But some companies don’t thoroughly explain their policies which can become a bigger issue in the future. We built our company around trying to avoid just that– we promise honesty so that there are no surprises. Power3 will give you all the information and assistance you need when it comes to your personalized insurance plans and all-around safety.


Companies we partner with

We have your best interest at heart. With that, we only partner with trusted insurance companies we see as both affordable and of the highest quality.

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