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Brewery Insurance to Keep You Excelling in Your Craft

Just like you have a passion for creating and serving unique brews, we share the same pursuit in our services to the industry. We can provide a hand-crafted insurance plan for your business while covering all the risks brewers face on a day-to-day basis.

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Business Owner’s Policy

Coverage for both your business’s liability and property is included in a business owner’s insurance policy. This plan will protect you from any loss that could occur if something were to happen physically to your building such as a fire. It would also cover the costs of rebuilding your shop and replacing your damaged equipment such as boilers and other machinery. 

Umbrella Liability

Extend the protection and coverage for your brewery on top of your other liability insurance. If your underlying policies do not fully cover bodily injury or property damage, the umbrella liability essentially picks up where your other policies stop to give you an even extra layer of protection.

What Other Options Should I Consider?

Whether you own a microbrewery or a large-scale establishment, we can curate a plan that takes your top priorities and risks into deep consideration. Your different options could include the following: 

  • Commercial property insurance for your building 
  • Utility and equipment coverage in case of failure or protection for loss of business
  • Commercial vehicle insurance
  • Liability protection for employees, and against lawsuits and compensation claims
  • Coverage for employees including workers compensation, disability and medical insurance 
  • Employee dishonesty
  • Contamination and spoilage insurance for your inventory
  • Coverage for products and property in transit for distributors


We are committed to providing a personal, high-quality service

At Power3, we understand that most insurance products are generally similar in price and function. But some companies don’t thoroughly explain their policies which can become a bigger issue in the future. We built our company around trying to avoid just that– we promise honesty so that there are no surprises. Power3 will give you all the information and assistance you need when it comes to your personalized insurance plans and all-around safety.


Companies we partner with

We have your best interest at heart. With that, we only partner with trusted insurance companies we see as both affordable and of the highest quality.

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