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Protect Your Business from Cyber & Data Breach Threats

Technology and data is what drives the world today; we can’t imagine conducting business without it. So why not take precautions to protect your valuable information, before its too late? With our cyber liability insurance, we work with you to give you the best coverage options and can even provide a risk analysis to see where potential exposures may lie.

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What Does Cyber Liability Cover?

With our comprehensive cyber liability policies, you can feel at ease knowing that you will be protected in cyber-related issues including:

  • Data compromise protection to cover employee and customer information if your data should ever be hacked, stolen (physical and electronic), corrupted, or subject to procedural errors or internal fraud
  • Costs of legal defense in an event that the company is sued due to some type of breach
  • Forensic services to assist in determining the nature, extent, and perpetrators of an electronic breach
  • Identity recovery protection to identity fraud victims and restore their credit history and records. This may include owners, employees and family members
  • Legal cost protection incurred by legal reviews
  • Personal services for any persons affected, which may include helpline services, credit monitoring and case managers for identifying theft victims
  • Public relations costs paid for firms to review and respond to the potential impact of the data compromise

What Costs Should My Cyber Liability Insurance Cover?

Your cyber liability insurance should cover the most basic costs such as:

  • Defense Costs, Settlements, and Fines
  • Computer Forensic Costs
  • Notification Costs:  To satisfy notification obligations.
  • Credit or Identity Protection Costs
  • Crisis Management and Public Relations Costs
  • Data Restoration and Business Interruption
  • Cyber Extortion
  • Cyber Crime/Theft of Money
  • Rogue Employees
  • PCI (Payment Card Industry) Fines & Penalties
  • PCI Proof of Remediation Costs


We are committed to providing a personal, high-quality service

At Power3, we understand that most insurance products are generally similar in price and function. But some companies don’t thoroughly explain their policies which can become a bigger issue in the future. We built our company around trying to avoid just that– we promise honesty so that there are no surprises. Power3 will give you all the information and assistance you need when it comes to your personalized insurance plans and all-around well-being. 


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We have your best interest at heart. With that, we only partner with trusted insurance companies we see as both affordable and of the highest quality.

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