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We offer insurance to not only protect the car that you love and depend on, but more importantly the people inside it. We will help you discover a policy that fits and exceeds all your expectations.

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Why get Auto Insurance?

It is required by law to have and carry auto insurance. We know that your coverage needs to be tailored to fit your vehicle’s risks. For instance, a vintage or antique car would require a different type of insurance in comparison to your everyday commercial vehicle on the road. We will assist you in making a personalized plan that fits your specific vehicle and budget.

What is Covered?

Auto insurance is there to protect you and your assets. Auto insurance usually consists of these protections:

  • Liability insurance: In the event that the driver is being held liable for property damage, injuries to others, etc.
  • Collision coverage: A policy that covers a driver from costs that result from an accident with another vehicle
  • Comprehensive coverage: A policy that will cover a driver from the costs that result from an accident with an object other than a vehicle

If you are looking for additional protection consider the following:

  • Medical coverage: Protection in the event that you or other individuals suffer injuries that require you to pay for medical attention 
  • Uninsured/underinsured insurance: Although auto insurance is required by law, some drivers do not have it or are underinsured. In the event that the opposing driver does not have auto insurance, this insurance covers you 
  • Emergency road assistance: It’s never a bad policy to be too safe. If you are ever stranded in your vehicle this assistance will be there when you need it


We are committed to providing a personal, high-quality service

At Power3, we understand that most insurance products are generally similar in price and function. But some companies don’t thoroughly explain their policies which can become a bigger issue in the future. We built our company around trying to avoid just that– we promise honesty so that there are no surprises. Power3 will give you all the information and assistance you need when it comes to your personalized insurance plans and all-around safety.


Companies we partner with

We have your best interest at heart. With that, we only partner with trusted insurance companies we see as both affordable and of the highest quality.

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